Church Plant in the Rice Community

Two Rivers Baptist Church

Why Church Plant in Rice MN?

  • 10 Churches die a Day!
  • 3700 Churches die a Year!

But how many are being planted? 4000 a year. That is the good news. We have 300 more church births than deaths. But we still have a major problem. Though in the 20th century churches have doubled, the population has quadrupled!
  • To keep up with the population growth we need an additional 3200 more churches, so even though we gained 300, we are still down by 2900!

    • Listen to these stats:

    1900 – 28 churches per 10,000 = 1 church for every 350 people

    1950 – 17 per 10,000 = 1 church for every 600

    2000 – 12 per 10,000 = 1 church for every 830

  • Rice's population is 1337 and growing fast
  • 40% are unchurched
  • The majority of church attendees go to churches trusting in traditions. 
  • NO Baptist Churches in Rice
  • The Truth needs to be told, Hell is real!  
  • Jesus is the only hope!

  • Living in the St. Cloud area I noticed that of the 175 churches only 7 are Baptist in doctrine.   Namely,  that the Bible, God’s word, is our authority for what we believe and how we try to live.