Church Plant in the Rice Community

Two Rivers Baptist Church

My Testimony

For most of my youth I believed I was a good person and deserved to go to heaven. I saw my need of a Savior at the age of 22 when I heard the gospel for the first time. My life was dramatically changed. I am attending Grace Baptist Fellowship where I'm continuing to grow in Christ.

My Family

God has blessed me with my wife Kristi, and my children, Tyes, Kaylean and Marysta.

My Education

  • Art Education from St. Cloud State University
  • MDiv from Andersonville Theological Seminary
  • Pastoral Intern under Pastor Mark O'Brien and Pastor Jim Goodew
  • School of Church Planting by Ken Davis and Roger McNamara

Call to Ministry
I surrendered to the call of pastoral ministry while I was finishing my student teaching at SCSU.  I was teaching the children art, and although I enjoy art, I knew that what they really needed to be taught was the gospel.
It was during my pastoral internship at Grace Baptist Fellowship that I answered the call to be a church planter.  Living in the St. Cloud area I noticed that of the 175 churches only 7 are baptist in doctrine.  Plus, the small towns outside of St. Cloud had zero.  If you pick any direction from St. Cloud the closest Baptist church is 30 miles away!